About the Quadraphonnes

Passionate about the saxophone, its characteristics and possibilities, The Quadraphonnes are adventurous! These strong, talented, ladies break the boundaries of the saxophone quartet with their mighty chops, tantalizing grooves, soaring solos and dynamic vocals. Covering a variety of musical styles from jazz-funk-pop, to avant-garde, gypsy-punk and classical, the quads put on a great show! Celebrating their 8th year together, they have released a second album, Get the Funk Out! It is all funk, all original and features their booty-shaking rhythm section with guest appearances from guitarist, Jennifer Batten. Mary-Sue Tobin, Chelsea Luker, Mieke Bruggeman and Michelle Medler are multi-talented, serious musicians who defy the idea that four beautiful women playing saxes is just a gimmick! The Quadraphonnes will blow you away!read more

Media Quotes

"At first glance, you might think the Quadraphonnes are just a gimmick, four ladies playing saxophone to a funky, bluesy, jazzy beat, sort of a Bangles for beboppers. But listen closely and these musicians are much more than that -- they have created a rich tapestry of sound, trading tasteful solos with one another that slowly sizzle with nicely constructed melodic runs that pull you in as opposed to bombastic blowing that merely impresses but does not move. In other words, these women play well-arranged, even complex, dance music for smart people, tunes that are as satisfying conceptually as they are just plain fun. They are a sum not so much greater than their parts but equal to their parts, in the best tradition of intelligent as well as popular bands from Count Basie and James Brown to Tower of Power and Earth, Wind and Fire. If they stick with it and keep working on creating their own sound, the Quadraphonnes could wind up being one of finest horn-driven outfits ever to grace a stage anywhere anytime."
Rob Cullivan, Portland Tribune 2/14/14



In Performance


In Spring of 2015, the Quads taught 2 fabulous clinics! One at Roosevelt HS where they worked with the Jazz Band. The other focusing on Jazz history and the saxophone at Oregon Episcopal School for 6th grade music students (band & choir)! The students & teachers LOVED the experiences and looked forward to them coming back!

The Quadraphonnes were successfully funded via kickstarter in 2014 to produce their latest album, "GET THE FUNK OUT!"

In 2012, they toured the RICO reed factory while on tour in Southern California.

The Quads were awarded a grant by the Regional Arts & Cultures Council in 2010.

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