About the Quadraphonnes

Passionate about the saxophone, its characteristics and possibilities, The Quadraphonnes are adventurous! These strong, talented, ladies break the boundaries of the saxophone quartet with their mighty chops, tantalizing grooves, soaring solos and dynamic vocals. Covering a variety of musical styles from jazz-funk-pop, to avant-garde, gypsy-punk and classical, the quads put on a great show! Celebrating their 8th year together, they have released a second album, Get the Funk Out! It is all funk, all original and features their booty-shaking rhythm section with guest appearances from guitarist, Jennifer Batten. Mary-Sue Tobin, Chelsea Luker, Mieke Bruggeman and Michelle Medler are multi-talented, serious musicians who defy the idea that four beautiful women playing saxes is just a gimmick! The Quadraphonnes will blow you away!

About the Latest Album

Their new album, “Get the Funk Out!” is a result of the generous contributions by family, friends and fans through Kickstarter and is a project they couldn’t be more proud of! It’s not just the CD, it’s the whole package. Quads hired top-notch recording and mixing engineer/producer, Bob Stark and Nick Moon of Tone Proper Mastering for the highest quality CD in town.  Photographer Marshall Snyder and Stylist Aniana Hough brought some sass and style to the Quadraphonnes image. Rick Bouvette created a killer logo design, Michelle Medler worked her graphic design magic and Kerry Green drew one of the most intricate and funky posters of all time! Oh yeah, and the original compositions are a force to be reckoned with!
Holding down the rhythm section on Get the Funk Out are Leah Hinchcliff on bass - Portland’s ‘Femme Fatale of Funk’ and Ward Griffiths, who provides the funky back beat on drums.   Known as ‘A player of all situations’, Mike Snyder can be heard laying down some tasty percussion tracks on each tune and is featured on drum set on “Under the Funk”.  Mike is joined by Ben Medler on bass who wrote “Under the Funk” for the Quadraphonnes. Setting the vibe on the title track, “Get the Funk Out”, and adding some shredding guitar parts on “American Dreams” & “Devils Dance” is Jennifer Batten.  Jennifer is a session musician and solo artist, who is best known for her collaborations with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. The Quadraphonnes couldn’t be more thrilled to have such high caliber musicians and amazing human beings on this album!


The Quadraphonnes joined forces in 2006 with the intention of playing saxophone quartet music, as well as collaborating artistically with like-minded women in the music community. After rehearsing weekly for nearly a year and adding a rhythm section, the group began teaching educational workshops, performing locally and quickly achieved regional success. They now perform regularly at all the local hotspots & festivals, as well as at weddings & parties. In addition, they offer educational clinics to students of all ages. They have offered clinics at schools such as Mesa College in San Diego, CA; Roosevelt HS & Hosford Middle School in Portland OR, and at Oregon Episcopal School for all 6th grade music students. They offer clinics based on music history, Jazz, the saxophone, women in music, or other music topics.
Over their 8 years together, the Quads have shared the stage with local and international artists such as Charles Neville, Candye Kane, The Tiptons, Lee Garrett, Lily Wilde, Janice Scroggins, Susie Jones, Trio Subtonic and Blue Cranes among many others. Their first CD, Music to Watch Girls By, was released in 2009 and showcased the versatility of styles the group was capable of handling.
In 2010, the Quadraphonnes were awarded a grant from the Regional Arts and Cultural Commission to fund a multi-media performance.   The event involved commissioning four new compositions for saxophone quartet & incorporated local artists and dancers in an effort to integrate the artistic community and audience. The performance was documented by local filmmakers and was widely considered to be groundbreaking and a huge success.
The Quads hit the road in 2012 for an advantageous tour in Southern California and decided shortly thereafter, that it was time to start work on a new album!  The ensemble launched their first Kickstarter campaign and thanks to all the generous support of their fans, Quads released their all original, all funk CD, Get the Funk Out! on September 13th, 2014.

Pre-Quadraphonnes...How they met

Chelsea Luker went to college at Florida State University and got to know a grad student who studied saxophone at Northern Arizona University while Mieke Bruggeman was there. When he found out that Mieke & Chelsea had both moved to Portland, Oregon, he insisted that they meet and introduced them via Myspace. They decided to find to more female sax players and start an all girl sax quartet. After doing some research, they headed to the infamous Red and Black Cafe, the home of Avant Garde & creative Jazz in Portland at the time. Mary-Sue Tobin was the curator for the music series and her band was performing that evening. Mieke & Chelsea were some of the only patrons of the dark club that night, they cheered loudly for all of MST's solos. Mary-Sue was intrigued, "Who are these girls, yelling for free jazz?!?" They approached Mary-Sue at the end of the set and inquired about her interest in the project. Still needing a tenor player for the group, Mary-Sue recommended her friend and section mate from Portland State University for the job. Michelle Medler got a call from Chelsea the next day and the Quadraphonnes were born!