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"At first glance, you might think the Quadraphonnes are just a gimmick, four ladies playing saxophone to a funky, bluesy, jazzy beat, sort of a Bangles for beboppers. But listen closely and these musicians are much more than that -- they have created a rich tapestry of sound, trading tasteful solos with one another that slowly sizzle with nicely constructed melodic runs that pull you in as opposed to bombastic blowing that merely impresses but does not move. In other words, these women play well-arranged, even complex, dance music for smart people, tunes that are as satisfying conceptually as they are just plain fun. They are a sum not so much greater than their parts but equal to their parts, in the best tradition of intelligent as well as popular bands from Count Basie and James Brown to Tower of Power and Earth, Wind and Fire. If they stick with it and keep working on creating their own sound, the Quadraphonnes could wind up being one of finest horn-driven outfits ever to grace a stage anywhere anytime."
Rob Cullivan, Portland Tribune 2/14/14

"Not the first all-female sax quartet on earth, but perhaps the most entertaining and rewarding, playing everything from original jazz compositions to soul tunes, New Orleans second line to Phillip Glass compositions. Their music is danceable, joyous, serious, and all-around spectacular." 12/22/12 About Face Magazine see full feature story on Mary-Sue

“Mary Sue Tobin, Mieke Bruggeman, Chelsea Luker and Michelle Medler have carved out one of the most delightful slices of the city's musical pie. The Quads boast great chops, a wide musical vision and the ability to play with great beauty here, fierce intensity there and a killer sense of humor.
Classically trained, they sound like they find joy in playing together -- a joy transferred to the listener. Releasing the album during national Women In Jazz Month makes for perfect timing.”
-Tom D'Antoni, Oregonian A&E; Northwest CD Review: The Quadraphonnes 3/26/09

“Quadraphonnes are an all-female, all-saxophone quartet about to release their debut album, entitled Music to Watch Girls By- which isn't necessarily an instruction for listeners, but a song that they cover on the record (originally made famous by Bob Crewe and others). The Quadraphonnes get their horns all over Duke Ellington and Thelonious Monk, but they also tackle Philip Glass and Astor Piazzolla, and they transcend their gimmick to make clever, inventive arrangements that showcase the range of the instrument. They're performing tonight with a rhythm section, but the Quadraphonnes are perfectly capable of playing without one, and they straddle the line between jazz, classical, and pop with a unique, inventive approach.” - Ned Lannaman, Portland Mercury: “Up & Coming Events” 3/26/09

“This is music so interesting to listen to that I thought I’d just record my reactions rather than write a standard review. So, here we go: flawless individual musicianship; a contemporary trip on Strayhorn’s “A Train”; intricate writing for multiple saxophones; no hesitation to try ‘the groove’; a dependable journey to “Georgia”; capturing the classical framework of music by Phillip Glass; reinventing an oldie on the title tune; a fresh, new look at a guy named Monk; interesting interpretations of odd and challenging time signatures; it’s always okay to play pretty; look for the unusual, and fly with it; understand the timelessness of your music and make it SING. Nice going, ladies!”
- George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon: CD Review 5/09

“…they not only knock off my socks with their incredible chops and dizzying arrangements, but they are hella sexy to boot! (sorry, they are!)”
-Daniel Lifton, KBOO 90.7FM: Outside World 3/21/09

Link to feature article in the Oregonian A&E:
- Tom D’Antoni 8/05/08

“The Quadraphonnes are kind of Portland's version of Seattlite Amy Denio's unit The Tiptons, an all female saxophone group. These women both great musical taste and sound great too.”
-, “Well Executed Buffet” Blog 8/17/2008

“The first time I listened to the album, this tune jumped out at me and gave me a kiss…An Astor Piazzola Tango Suite.” - 3/17/09